Anatomy Of A Wish

What’s In A Wish?

A Wishing guide for the WishMaker (a heartfelt shout-out to Mary Gutfleisch for the use of her artwork. See MaryDoodles on YouTube for more of her amazing talent)

We do it every day.  Most often it is a passing desire within your current situation to either be rid of something or to manifest something.  To have, or to have not.  Every now and then, however, a greater desire overcomes us and we move from a basic want to a true intention. Or, in words, a wish.

It’s easy to make a wish.  Go ahead and try it now.  “I wish…”  It can be for anything: something grand and lofty or something small and simple.  The true beauty of a wish is that the wish itself and the power it holds cares little for the level of difficulty or ease that you, yourself, place on it.  A wish is a wish, and it will shine its delicate light upon you regardless. The act of wishing can be considered to be a drafting of a dream, a construction of the cosmos, a manufacturing of the improbable into the probable.  Too many of us, however, stop our wishing during its first stage of construction and in order for a wish to be granted, it must go through four stages.  Exhausting?  Yes.  Worth it?  To create something from nothing?  What do you think?

We briefly covered this above, however, what is behind your initial attempt at saying, “I wish”? Desire. It’s easy to desire something, but it’s more challenging to hold on to that desire and move through to stage two.

Desire is the simplest form of a wish and rarely do wishes become granted if it doesn’t get past this stage. If your wish is important to you, you will do more than just desire it.

Intent.  By moving to the second stage, you’re telling your wish that you not only believe in it, but you intend for it to come true. Here is where you are doing a lot of the work yourself. You’re buying time for your wish to grow and expand, and understand that you still have control over granting it.

This is a dangerous stage of the wishing process as the life of the wish depends on your ability to balance action and receptivity. What is receptivity, you ask? Think of stage two as an ebb and flow of energy. A give and take. You’re focusing effort on, “I can do this myself”, but also letting go of the outcome. You are allowing the outcome to happen as opposed to trying so hard to get it. Some say this is the most difficult stage and often if a wish goes unfulfilled it is because it did not pass this crucial step.

Knowing. We believe in a lot of things. We believe we’re good at math or science. We believe in our favorite sports team and their ability to win a match. We believe that dinosaurs roamed the Earth millions of years ago and we believe stars twinkle because they’re winking at us.

That last one may not be entirely proven, but the point is that within each belief there tends to be a glimmer of doubt. No matter how strong your belief may be, somewhere deep down there is hesitation. By knowing something, you remove all doubt. We know how to breathe, how to walk, that our heart beats and keeps us alive. We don’t have to try to keep our heart beating, it just continues to beat. We don’t have to remind ourselves to breathe, we just breathe. That’s knowing.

In order for your wish to move to the final stage of fulfillment, you must come to a place of knowing.  A place of undoubting resolve where your wish already exists in its full form.  What resides within the wish at this stage is full potential.  The power of potential exists everywhere in our universe, but in order to manifest that potential into form, you must be completely unattached to the importance of such potential.  In other words, you don’t think your wish will be granted, nor do you believe it will be, but you know it already is.  There is no doubt there.  If you can pass your wish through this stage, your wish is on its way to fulfillment.  However, there is one last crucial stage through which your wish must venture.

It is the most mysterious and the most unknown stage of wish fulfillment. Stage four.



The WishKeeper.  Technically speaking, your WishKeeper is managing and tending to your wish at every stage of its development, but it is your WishKeeper that must see your wish through its final process. Do you believe in your WishKeeper, or do you know your WishKeeper exists?

Thankfully, WishKeepers don’t worry about whether or not you believe in them, they know they have a job to do and look forward to serving you.

An important note about WishKeepers:  At the day of your birth, you were assigned a WishKeeper and your WishKeeper is the only one who is able to bring your wish to the final stage of fulfillment.  The definition of a WishKeeper is; a small, winged creature, male or female, no bigger than a crow yet no smaller than a robin, that tends to and helps and assists a wish in its fulfillment process.  The goal of a WishKeeper is to bring your wishes to complete fulfillment, guiding the little wish with love, patience, kindness and unconditional will.  Once your wish has made it through stage three, your WishKeeper carefully brings your wish to a Point.  This Point is a place you will learn about in this book, but please note that without your WishKeeper, regardless of how steadily your wish moves through the first three stages, it will never be granted.

He or she visits you quite often, though they’re very skilled at keeping out of sight. There are stories of people (WishMakers, as the Keepers call them) seeing the Keepers flying about.  Some have even claimed to speak with the Keepers, but this is all just legend and lore as the consequences of talking directly to your WishKeeper are disastrous. They can hear you. Don’t worry.

The Makers know them as fairies, but it’s time the truth is revealed.  It’s time because the WishMakers’ world is in danger of losing what the Keepers believe to be the most important element in wish-making; hope.  Without hope, wish-making disappears and without wish-making, the WishKeepers will as well.


The Wish Types

Due to the countless things we wish for on a daily basis, the WishKeepers have had to categorize wishes into SIX types.  They are very organized, WishKeepers, and a system is needed in order to store and manage all of the WishMakers’ wishes.  To the Keeper, no category is more important than the other, but here is a list of the types of wishes that should prove helpful to you, the WishMaker, in your understanding of what category your wishes may fall as any help you can give your WishKeeper is, well, helpful.

The Money Wish

A Money tends to be the most popular and the most self-explanatory of the wish types.  It covers the wishing realm of the material items and they glow in the obvious color of green.  They tend to be quite annoying for any skilled Keeper to capture due to their naturally taunting and manner-less behavior.

The Athletic Wish

While, yes, sports can be an important element in a WishMaker’s life, not all Makers are purely physical athletes and thus not all play sports.  WishKeepers understand a WishMaker’s longing to achieve and fit in, to have a place in the world, be it on an athletic field, in a classroom or personally and internally.  The Athlete resides outside of a Ladder Wish type since not all achievement is relegated to the workplace.  Athletes want to be seen, glow bright blue and are one the brightest of all wishes.

The Purity Wish

Possibly the favorite type of the WishKeepers since Purities are the easiest to wrangle due to their soft and peaceful nature. These wishes cover the realms of health, familial and relationship bonds, and spiritual prosperity.
Usually these wishes tend to be unselfish and unconditional, glow with a soft pink hue and gladly float toward their pursuing Keeper with ease.

The Ladder Wish

The Keepers giggle at a WishMaker’s longing to succeed in their workplace and they can’t help but laugh at our need to reach for the next and highest rung.  A Ladder’s glow radiates with a deep purple and are rather tricky for a Keeper to wrangle merely because of their darker shade (and these wishes are usually made mid-day when there are many WishMakers to avoid).

The True Love Wish

Extremely rare, the Keepers had to create a separate category for this wish type.  Not because it’s so different than the rest, but actually quite the opposite – it contains elements of all wish types in one.  What the WishKeepers find the most intriguing about a TLW is that while it contains elements of all wishes, there is an unknown and unexplainable source of energy radiating from within it.

Historically, WishKeepers have rejoiced in the making of a True Love Wish, not just because of a WishMaker’s ability to do so, but because if granted, a TLW immediately brings balance to the WishKeeper’s world and the WishMaker’s world (The Other Side, as the Keepers call it).  A True Love Wish is only made once in a Maker’s lifetime, and sadly, most Makers go a lifetime without making even that one.

They glow a fiery red color, tend to be oddly shaped resembling that of a heart, and are near impossible to wrangle as it is the most wild and naturally free wish that could ever be made.

In its most basic form, a wish is intent.  Intent is the force that drives action and creates a result.  Simple.  A positive result, however, is relative to the WishMaker’s intent.  Good or evil has nothing to do with it.


The Death Wish

Known to the WishKeepers as merely, ‘The Sixth’, a Death Wish is a mystery that has yet to be solved. All the Keepers can determine is that A) it is not only a wish for someone or something to die, but B) it is a wish for a thing to ‘end’. It is tricky to determine how a Death Wish is made, but almost as rare as a True Love Wish, its energy exists due to its Maker’s deep, heart-aching intent for something or someone in their life to end – not out of love, but out of fear.

It is important to note the existence of such a wish since it, along with the other five, is a part of the basic nature of any WishMaker.  Not all wishes are positive ones and therefore, not all WishMakers are either.  Because it is the job of a WishKeeper to support any and all wishes made by their Maker, the Keeper cannot be partial to one more than the other. A WishKeeper must assume his or her responsibility for granting it.  All made up of distinct colors, shapes and intent, the six are the elements that make up Paragonia and its WishKeepers, and all are essential to their continuing existence.

Only one secret has ever been kept from the WishingKings.  The sixth wish type.  Purposely kept separate and in secret storage due to its dark properties and danger if harnessed by the wrong hands, it is shaped like a rounded pyramid, glows with a black light, and is the true essence of bittersweet.