Certificates of Assignment

We all have WishKeepers assigned to us when we’re born. Below are the names of WishKeepers cited in the last few pages of The WishKeeper, Book One. While it is one thing to know the name of the WishKeeper, it is that much more interesting to know a little about the personal history of the fairy and his/her family. Enjoy and keep wishing.

Nixie Pinfellow

Pinfellow Family


Known as “The Little Ones”, the Pinfellows are famous for being the smallest of the fairy kind. Embracing their miniature stature, their kind are known for speed, agility and most importantly, invisibility. While in general WishMakers can’t see Keepers, the Pinfellows have mastered the art of stealth and are difficult to spot even for WishKeepers. Also known as gypsies, they do not call one particular type of region within Paragonia their home. They are free spirits and have a consistent need to be on the move; change and variety is a necessity. Usually assigned to WishMakers who make like-minded wishes, the Pinfellows are well-known for their voracious loyalty to their WishMakers. Historically, the Pinfellow clan has lead multiple petitions and rebellions against Paragonia lawmakers stating that Keepers and Makers are meant to live side-by-side and that separating their realms is inherently wrong and illegal. The famous Pinfellow Revolt of 1969 was settled when lawmakers allowed a small piece of land in the WishMakers’ world (dubbed, “The Pinfellow Acre”) to be owned by the Pinfellows. Since then, all Gates used by the Pinfellows open up to The Acre – its location is known only to the Pinfellows and particular members of the F.I.A. Family lineage links the Pinfellows to WishKeeper, Clarity Pinfellow, who Kept the wishes for the great Eleanor of Aquitane – creator of the Code of Chivalry and developed culture during the Middle Ages.



Nixie Pinfellow – F.I.A. Breakdown


Stemming from a long line of rebellious Pinfellows, Nixie is voracious about independence, equality and freedom of choice. Because of her crusade to establish independence and live outside a set of hierarchical rules, the F.I.A. has her on a watch list as a possible candidate for leading a WishKeeper rebellion. Nixie is not, however, a selfish fairy, and therefore laughs at how paranoid the F.I.A. has become; she has no intention to disrupt the lives of others who do not wish to follow her. She is open minded, accepting and a born leader, despite her tiny frame. Establishing a base and spending most of her time within her family’s assigned lot in the WishMaker’s world (called “The Pinfellow Acre”), she stays close to her Maker as much as possible and takes pride in guarding her wishes. Nixie has started her own clan of independent fairies who believe Keepers and Makers should live side-by-side, like in the days of old. Due to The Acre being in a WishMaker metropolis, her group of friends call themselves, The Skyscrapers.



Eldon of the Muirs

The Muirs – Family


“The Muirs” is not a family name, but more a representation of their beloved habitat – the moors of Paragonia. Eldon is one of the last fairies of his kind as his family descendents have dwindled over the centuries. The moors cover a thousand acres of bracken-filled land and woods along the foot of the Paragonia Mountains. While the Neverlow clan of fairies are known for cryptozoology (the discovery of new species of creatures), the Muirs are the keepers of the general and known animal kingdom. Known simply as “The Brown Fairies”, the Muir clan respects the land and soil, and circle of life that is celebrated in the animal kingdom. Famous for living within the bracken of the moors and forests, the Muirs are a stout breed of fairy that can turn quite fierce if any member of the animal kingdom is threatened or treated disrespectfully. The animals are family, and the Muir loyalty to family is unmatched among the clans. It is a rarity for an outsider to be welcomed within the Muir clan, not because of prejudice or distrust of any kind (they’re actually quite friendly, the Muirs), but because of the importance they place on earned friendship and love. Famously connected to legendary WishKeeper, Thaddeus of the Muirs and his ironic assignment to WishMaker John Muir – the famous naturist and conservationist – legend has it that Thaddeus is the only fairy to have ever been photographed by a WishMaker.


Eldon of the Muirs – F.I.A. Breakdown


Typical among the Muirs, Eldon is a quiet introvert. Known to be a “thinker”, when he isn’t tending to his WishMaker’s many Purity and Athletic Wishes he spends his time in the quiet brush of the woods relaxing with his animal friends. Deliberate in everything he does, Eldon never does something that isn’t worth doing. Thankful for his WishMaker’s purposeful wishes, he knows that when she makes a wish, it is his duty to be equally purposeful. Among the adventurous fairy clans such as the Pinfellows, Eldon is legendary and dubbed “Eldon of The Slaugh”. The Slaugh are a fictional, evil race of fae that bring bad luck and misfortune – quite different then that of a WishKeeper – but rumor of Eldon’s protective nature over land and animals has labeled him as a long lost descendent of The Slaugh. Eldon laughs at such a ridiculous idea, but appreciates how few trespassers he in turn receives. He may even add little rumors now and then about himself just for fun (and to keep his land free from “looky-loo’s”).

Albanal (“Old Albie”) Owens

Owens Family


Originally known as the Water Sprites, the Owens family is well-known for their care and protection of Paragonia’s lone ocean. The Sea of Fulfillment is on the far western edge of the Paragonian map and the Owens clan makes the small string of islands near the coast their home. Known as the Isle of Albanal, the islands and the surrounding coast is home to nearly one-half of Paragonia’s wildlife. While the forests and mountains of Paragonia house thousands of species of animals, the Owens family watches over the ocean and water-based animal kingdom. Always a playful lot, the Owens family is known for their deep sea diving abilities – the only fairy kind to have such capabilities. Their love for beachside living and a relaxed lifestyle is frowned upon by most fairy clans, as if the Owens way of life is far too laid back. “Don’t be an Owens” is a saying used throughout Paragonia by strict fairy clans whenever a young fairy is acting a bit too lazy. The Owens, however, pride themselves on their easy going lifestyle and are famous for living much longer lives than other fairy families. Their marine/scientific research has lead to hundreds of medicinal remedies that all fairies use for health and wellness. Family lineage connects the Owens family to WishKeeper, Rally Owens who kept the wishes of WishMaker and biologist, Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Rally joined Cousteau on his many oceanographic expeditions.


Albanal (Old Albie) Owen – F.I.A. Breakdown


Albanal, in fairy legend, is a mythical land of mermaids who in turn protect the ocean and marine wildlife. Known as “Old Albie”, Albanal Owens is named after the string of islands on which the Owens family lives and therefore the legendary land of the mermaids. The best swimmer of the age, Albie has discovered over 50 cures for the common fairy cold through his weekly deep sea diving expeditions and research. Albie has lived for so long, some fairies believe he is a descendent of the mythical Albanal mermaids. He is also one of very few WishKeepers to have Kept the wishes of multiple WishMakers. Still going strong and as youthful as ever, “Old Albie” is as dedicated to WishKeeping as he is to the marine life that suround his home. A mentor for hundreds of young WishKeepers, Albie has created a Fairy Intelligence Agency approved training program and school called The Albanal School for the Gifted Keeper. The School is famous for an alumni base that continuously ranks in the top 5 of the annual Wish Wrangling Performance Trials, and of which Old Albie is most proud.

Evelyn (Evie) Tinihowi

Tinihowi Family


It is argued that all fairy kind and its lineage can be linked to the Tinihowi. The most ancient of WishKeeper families, the Tinihowi practice the “Old Laws”. Very simply, they harness the powers that reside in the natural. The “Old Laws” are the basis for all fairy magic (or ”magick”), and therefore where the wrangling and wish granting spell work of the Keepers originates. Throughout history, WishKeeper magick has been perfected, altered and also changed in ways the Tinihowi do not always approve. For instance, the technology used by the Fairy Intelligence Agency such as WishRadar is considered “lazy magic” by the Tinihowi. They are one of the few fairy clans, along with the Anishinabe, that still worship the divine energy of nature, and some of the more powerful Tinihowi possess the ability to harness the ancient power of the universe. Rivaling the ability of the legendary Greenway Keepers (known to some as the Gods of Paragonia), the Tinihowi are an extremely secretive family – so much so, very little is known as to where their homes are kept. Some rumors suggest they refused to join the general WishKeeper population when Paragonia was created and still reside alongside the WishMakers on The Other Side. Their most famous family member is WishKeeper Karnayna Tinihowi who Kept the wishes of WishMaker, Aleister Crowley, and reignited the Tinihowi family name within the annals of WishKeeper history.


Evelyn (Evie) Tinihowi – F.I.A. Breakdown


Because of her family lineage and distinct physical attributes, Evie is a slightly forboding figure. Tall, dark and dangerously beautiful, her quiet and deliberate nature only adds to her mysterious make-up and, sadly, mistakenly evil reputation. There isn’t an evil bone in Evie’s body however, and she has a deep, neverending love for her family name and tradition – a tradition of practicing the “Old Laws” of magic. She recently befriended activist, Nixie Pinfellow, and joined her Skyscraper clan of liberal-minded Keepers. The Skyscrapers believe Keepers and Makers should live side-by-side instead of separately as they do now. Evie believes a return to nature is necessary to defeat the dark forces at work in the world and intends to gain fame beyond her incredible WWPT time and ranking; her WWPT is 3rd fastest all time and some believe she has Greenway blood flowing through her. Even though Evie denies it, her wings have recently been changing color – from red to green (like the legendary Keepers of Greenway).

Ava Marigold

Marigold Family


Though all fairies have an innate love for the land and nature, not all are specifically dedicated to a particular area of expertise. The Marigold family, with their namesake, have come to be known as the “beautification experts” of Paragonia. The Marigold name came from the obvious; the family’s love and devotion to the flowers and fawna of the world around them. Extremely organized, the Marigolds assign a type of flower to a family member and thus throughout that fairy’s life, as well as his or her descendents, must care for that particular flower type. It breeds individual family tradition and pride. When a Marigold family member comes upon a meadow filled with Orange Tiger Lillies, they know that the “Spruce Tree Marigolds” have been busy (Marigold family members are also assigned to particular tree types in which to live). While one of the most peaceful families in Paragonia, the Marigolds are the epitome of a “pixie” in that they are the smallest of fairies, and are quite shy, bashful and secretive – even among their own kind. It is rare for a Marigold to consider being adventurous enough to ever join the WishKeeper force, but when they do they tend to be the most talented, organized and gifted; rivaling only the Meerows family in number of True Love Wishes granted. They are famously connected to WishKeeper, Alfalfa Marigold who Kept the wishes of WishMaker and physicist, Carl Sagan.


Ava Marigold – F.I.A. Breakdown


Ava has always been a dreamer. While she gets teased for how large her wingspan is, her mother tries to remind her that she has “the ability to cultivate a life that spreads a great canopy of support and service over other fairies who are less fortunate.” It is such a way of life that lead Ava to convince her older sister, Evangeline, to join the WishKeeper force with her. The sisters were a “dynamic duo”, wrangling and supporting more wishes than any other Keeper. Their Wish Wrangling sessions were quite successful and Ava loved spending every day with her older sister. When King Erebus deceived them all and after the True Love Wish was destroyed, Ava was forced to watch, on that fateful day, when Evangeline was consumed by Erebus; her sister has been a Lost Fairy ever since.  Not a day passes where Ava’s guilt isn’t a driving force in her life. While she lovingly tends to her Maker’s wishes, the sense of loss is monumental and propels her to spend her remaining time searching for Evangeline. Because of the recent Breaking and Erebus’ power has been dissolved, Ava’s hope has returned.

Fandlian (Fand) Eventyr

Eventyr Family


Known as the “Secret Spies” of Paragonia, the F.I.A. has contracted countless Eventyr Keepers to keep tabs on rebellious fairies, dark creatures that roam The Other Side, and most recently the advances of King Erebus and his Lost Fairies. Other than the Pinfellows, the Eventyrs are the only fairies allowed to live on The Other Side. Their spy network spreads across the entire WishMaker world and their reports have famously unravelled evil WishMaker plans, especially during war time. Very little is known of the Eventyr family, though this is on purpose since the F.I.A. intends to keep their spy network anonymous. Before the Fairy Intelligence Agency was officially established, the Eventyr family was known as a type of Thieves Guild. They had their own currency, rules, and even laws separate from basic fairy law. As the millenia progressed and times changed, the F.I.A. was established to dictate order and safety among the fairies and finally was able to convince the Eventyrs to turn their abilities toward the advancement of WishKeeping as a whole. It is rumored there are still thieving “ways” among the Eventyr, though it is a legacy the family is trying to be rid of. Famously connected to Rorianna Eventyr – the most famous of spies – Rorianna Kept the wishes of the famous WishMaker and code writer, Benjamin Franklin. Rorianna’s collection of information during the establishment of America and its rebellion helped create the basis of the F.I.A. today.


Fandlian (Fand) Eventyr – F.I.A Breakdown


Fandlian, known as “Fand” for short, is a bit of a recluse. She enjoys and highly prefers time alone and away from other Keepers and fairies alike. Her abilities as a spy and Keeper are unmatched, but since being forced to separate from her true love – Kallan Neverlow of the mountain-based WishKeepers – she only leaves her small, humble home for WishGathering sessions and refuses to serve the F.I.A. on spy missions. When the Neverlows discovered their son, Kallan, was in love with an Eventyr, they forbid them to ever see each other again. The Eventyr’s and Neverlow’s have a history – a history that involves an Eventyr (Linden Eventyr) falsely reporting that Kandor Neverlow, a patriarch of the time, was supporting a rebellious effort to overthrow the Fairy Intelligence Agency. The false allegations were eventually cleared, but left a rift between the Eventyr’s and Neverlows. Fand spends most of her time on her WishMaker’s shoulder – the only company she prefers to keep – and vows to one day reunite with her love and travel the forgotten realms of Paragonia together.

Amelia Oberon

Oberon Family


The Oberons are the most infamous fairy family in all of Paragonia. Their infamy does not come from evil pursuits, or even any kind of law breaking, but instead “The Release of the Oberon” is widely known among the fairies as “where the fall of fairy kind began”. This last bit is primarily referred to by those who intend to reunite Maker and Keeper kind and withdraw from Paragonia. There is a rising tide of rebellion among the WishKeepers and general fairy population in that their need to keep a human on the throne is not an answer to their need to live in secret. When Paragonia was created, the WishKeepers destroyed 100 wishes and consumed their power in order to create the secret and separate land of Paragonia. “The Release of the Oberon” is the act that ousted the Oberon family from their peaceful rule of fairy and WishKeeper kind. As far back as a fairy’s memory can go, the Oberon family ruled all of fairy kind. They were the governing power and managerial aspect to all WishKeeping, but when Paragonia was created (with the support of dark magic), the need for a human WishingKing was also created, and the Oberons were released from their long standing duty. Since the warring days following Paragonia’s creation, the Oberons have been silent, but many believe the rising rebellion is lead by an Oberon. As far as lineage, their most famous family WishKeeper is Ophelia Oberon; having kept the wishes of WishMaker, John Lennon.


Amelia Obern – F.I.A. Breakdown


The F.I.A. has been tracking Amelia and her actions ever since she was granted WishKeeper status. Even though she pledged allegiance to the F.I.A. upon Keeper Assignment, a secret level of distrust still rolls through the Agency for any Oberon who enlists. At first, Amelia enlisted in the force because she believed that Keeping and granting wishes is the basic fairy right; how all fairies can serve Maker kind. Despite the removal of her family from governing fairy kind (upon the creation of Paragonia), Amelia is an optimist – a glass-half full kind of Keeper – and intends for the F.I.A. and Oberon family to reconcile and join forces. This is, at least, what she wants the F.I.A. to believe. Deep down, a battle rages inside of her: support her WishMaker no matter the consequence, but also avenge her family’s illegal removal from power and reclaim their rightful place among the fairies. There are rumors that an Oberon is behind the rising rebellion, and though the Pinfellows are marked as the leaders, the rumors are true: Amelia is the secret leader of the rebel force.

Finnegan Carrowmore

Carrowmore Family


Known as the “Spiritual Warriors” among the fairy clans, The Carrowmore are a devoted family of highly trained fairy warriors. Their family name dates back long before the existence of Paragonia; to when the fairies and humans lived side-by-side. Known for their brute strength and size, the Carrowmores are actually quite friendly and peaceful. Their fighting techniques are used only when absolutely necessary and usually in self-defense. Rarely will a Carrowmore be seen among the common WishKeeper corps of soldiers simply because of their belief in the sacred art of warfare. While devoutly spiritual, the Carrowmores are the epitome of “work hard/play hard”. Their time spent studying the ancient battle techniques of their ancestors and honoring the spirutal beliefs of the family is equally matched by their devotion to fun, games and rowdy parties. They are famously known as the pranksters among all fairy families, and their yearly Wrangling Tournament (where multiple fairy families are invited to test their skills of Wish Wrangling against the powerful Carrowmore) often involves a carnival-like atomsphere. Connected to the famous WishKeeper, Sligo Carrowmore, the family prides themselves on Sligo’s countless granted Purity Wishes from WishMaker and freedom fighter, Michael Collins.


Finnegan Carrowmore – F.I.A. Breakdown


The youngest of the Carrowmore ever allowed to be an official F.I.A.-approved WishKeeper, Finnegan was highly recruited by the Fairy Intelligence Agency. It took over two years for the F.I.A. to convince the Carrowmore family to allow Finnegan to join the WishKeeper corps. Rarely does a Carrowmore wrangle wishes alongside the organized and technologically advanced F.I.A., but Finnegan was eager to branch out of his family’s strict spiritual rules and laws. He claimed there was an ancient prejudice within his family and his aim was to broaden the horizons and reach of the Carrowmore clan; to prove that evolving the Carrowmore spiritual belief system and co-exist alongside the technology of the age will only strengthen the whole of WishKeeping in general. A devoutly spirtual fairy, Finnegan has an equally free-spirited, happy-go-lucky approach to Keeping his WishMaker’s wishes. Some of his peers view his methods of WishKeeping to be too relaxed, but it’s simply the Carrowmore way of effortlessly granting wishes that his peers just don’t understand.

Breena & Gelsey Underhill

Underhill Family


From the plains region of Paragonia, the Underhills are rare in that they do not keep their homes among the trees. Though their name suggests underground dwellers, they scoff at any fairy that considers such a thing. Their family roots lay in the farming and agricultural growth of Paragonia at the outset of the world’s creation – overseeing the cultivation of plants and wildlife. They have a deep love for the Earth and tend to be assigned to WishMakers that appreciate the physical/natural world around them. Family lineage is connected to the famous Brady Underhill who assisted his WishMaker, Merriweather Lewis and his Discover Expedition throughout the Western portion of America. Brady Underhill met and married Violet Clearwater, the WishKeeper to William Clark (Merriweather’s partner), during their many wish retrieval missions. The Underhills remain close with the Clearwater clan as the Clearwaters are also agricultural in nature, though tend to be a bit more adventurous and less traditional. Underhill/Clearwater family arguments tend to take root in proper farming methods, of which the Underhills declare to practice the best.


Breena Underhill – F.I.A. Breakdown


Younger sister to Gelsey Underhill. A spirited, fiery little fairy, Breena’s small stature says nothing of the fight and determination within her. She rarely stops talking primarily because what she has to say is always of incredible importance – at least as far as Breena is concerned. Due to her sister’s intervention during her WWPT, she has very little ego and therefore is constantly thankfuly for every little bit of happiness that comes her way – and she finds happiness in just about everything. On the surface, Breena is utterly selfless and will always put others before her, however in the quiet of her bedroom she battles with the guilt that comes from holding Gelsey back from the fame of finishing in the top five of a Performance Trial. Breena lives as much in service as possible (especially to her sister, which is starting to annoy Gelsey). While she lives “by the book”, she secretly longs to explore the mountains that soar above the horizon outside her bedroom’s picture window.


Gelsey Underhill – F.I.A. Breakdown


Elder sister of Breena Underhill.  Gelsey assisted her sister during their WWPT and thus voided both trials. No performance trial may include the assistance of another Keeper, though Gelsey pleaded with Paragonia law stating that her sister’s accident along the Thames (in London) could have resulted in death had she not intervened.  Her plea was accepted, but not without placing an asterisk alongside their WWPT final ranking, and therefore stirring controversy.  Gelsey was in fourth place when word spread that Breena was missing in action.  Falling back, she lost ten places in her trial.  Though no grudge has been held among the sisters, Gelsey always wonders what kind of glory she may have experienced had she finished in the top five. Since their mother, Melinda Underhill, fell ill and their father was lost on The Other Side three years ago, Gelsey has taken on the role of “mother” to Breena. She wishes desperately for independence and loves her long Wish Wrangling visits when caring for her WishMaker.


Corrigan Anishinabe

Anishinabe Family


Known as the spiritual advisors and counselors of the fairies, the Anishinabe (Ah-neesh-in-ah-bay) are as ancient as the hills. Their Council of the Fires is held twice annually and gathers all heads of the fairy clans to review and discuss the relationships among the families and to ensure that peace is upheld. Considered the natives of the fairy kind, the Anishinabe believe they were created out of the divine breath of the universe as opposed to the elemental spirits that created the soil, water, fire, etc. To some fairy clans, the Anishinabe are considered to be more magical than the typical WishKeeper and can match the powers of the WishKeepers of Greenway (the fabled Gods of Paragonia), though their magic is truly only of a spiritual kind rooted in belief and connected to the divine energy in a religious sense. Like the WishMakers’ priests or pastors, the Anishinabe enjoy a quiet, peaceful life and are often assigned to WishMakers who focus their lives on a spiritual path. Though their history does include a warring faction of Anishinabe (much like the crusades to the WishMakers), they have enjoyed centuries of peace, community and acceptance, and continue to advise all fairies on spiritual endeavors. Their family crest is that of a symmetrical bald eagle in celebration of personal freedom. Family lineage is linked to the famous Oren Ashinabe who Kept the wishes of the philosopher and Enlightenment thinker, WishMaker John Locke.


Corrigan Anishinabe – F.I.A. Breakdown


It’s rare for a WishKeeper to don pitch black hair, and it’s considered by some that a fairy that matches hair color with the color of a Death Wish is an “evil” fairy. This is simply not true, and only the naive fairy believes such a thing. Corrigan, like all of his Anishinabe kin, celebrates the connection between life and death as a spiritual path all fairies must take. His bright red feathers and red-lined tattoos on his dark-skinned cheeks represent a True Love Wish, and therefore the balance between beginnings and endings (colors of black and red). While Corrigan treasures his lineage, he is one of the few Anishinabe to sport a more aggressive approach to WishKeeping. Recently teaming up with the rebellious little Keeper, Nixie Pinfellow, Corrigan spends most of his time petitioning the F.I.A. for Keepers and Makers to once again live side-by-side as opposed to separating themselves in a secret land as they are now. He aggressively preaches unity, and believes he will play a major role in the reconnecting of fairy and human kind.

Kallan, Nissa & Dryghten Neverlow

Neverlow Family


Famous for their mountain dwellings, the Neverlows manage the upkeep of the Paragonia Mountains. The mountain ranges that spread along the edges of the fairy world are rumored to be filled with creatures and monsters. They are quite protective of their cryptozoological findings (discovery of new species of creatures), primarily due to the mass hysteria that would spread if fairies knew of the monsters that lived in their mountains. Equal parts adventurers and scientists, the Neverlows tend to be the dare devils of the fairy race, and hold their own family competition called “The Mountain Soaring”; a race that tests each Neverlow descendant on his or her ability to ascend the tallest peak; a peak dubbed The Hand of Greenway. Greenway, being the mythical home of the “Gods of Paragonia” among the common fairy, is rumored to lie on the opposite side of the mountain’s outstretched peak. It is rumored the Neverlows are withholding information from the F.I.A. about Greenway, and that they communicate with the God-like fairies on an annual basis, though this is only hearsay and urban legend. A long list of famous WishKeepers have the Neverlow last name. Starhawk Neverlow is not only famous for holding the fastest Soaring time in family history, but also because he Kept the wishes for WishMaker and pilot, Amelia Earhart. Starhawk and his Maker mysteriously disappeared in the Maker Year of 1939.


Kallan Neverlow – F.I.A. Breakdown


Kallan (Cal-en) is known among his family members as “The Quiet One”. This is out of love and admiration more than anything, however. When he speaks, it means something and his siblings and cousins listen. It is because of this distinction, though, that he has recently fallen upon slight ridicule due to his consistent declaration of coming face-to-face with the mythical Yeti. To the fairies, the Yeti is nothing more than a legend meant to keep little fairies from wandering too far into the wilderness. Kallan, however, insists that he not only discovered the Yeti, but that there is a lost city within the caverns and ravines below The Hand of Greenway populated by various species of the legendary creature. Said to protect the entrance to Greenway, the Yeti’s lost city and the species itself is the focal point of Kallan’s research and the subject of his controversial book, The Real Keepers of Greenway. He is devoted to the truth and devoted to his Keeper’s many Athletic and Purity Wishes.


Nissa Neverlow – F.I.A. Breakdown


Nissa has been raised to be a WishKeeper with little no training other than the basic education all young fairies receive. In some ways, her Neverlow brethren do not condone how her family has bred her to be only one thing as opposed to allowing her to find her own way. Nissa is perfectly fine with her intended life, and loves every second of her new (and first) WishKeeper assignment. Nissa has a secret, however. Her older brother is Kallan Neverlow, and when Kallan discovered the hidden city of the Yeti, Nissa had followed her brother and saw it all. She intended to expose her brother and stop him from making such ridiculous and crazy claims, but when she saw firsthand the massive Yeti city, and therefore the gateway to the mythical land of The Greenway Keepers, her life changed. While she is of course dedicated to her new WishMaker, she has become secrelty obsessed with her brother’s findings – venturing to the hidden city on a daily basis. She has yet to cross the city border, but it’s only a matter of harnessing the courage; courage that her brother will happily support.


Dryghten Neverlow – F.I.A. Breakdown


His older siblings call him “Sprout”. The youngest fairy ever to be granted entrance into the WishKeeper force, Dryghten has always been ahead of the curve and fiercely eager to achieve. He idolizes their family legend, Starhawk Neverlow, and wears an old fashioned leather pilot helmet and goggles as an ode to the lost Keeper. While his siblings are exhaustively annoyed by their little brother, their level of annoyance is only matched by the level of pride and respect they have for him. Dryghten, at the age of only 13, won the annual Mountain Soaring race and captured the 9th fastest time in family history. He is a bit of a “tinkerer”, and prides himself on the gadgets and machines he has created to assist in not only his flying, but adventuring. Determined to discover the capital city of the Greenway Keepers, Dryghten has latched on to his older cousin, Kallan Neverlow. Kallan’s book “The Real Keepers of Greenway” tells of how a city of Yeti protects the entrance to Greenway and the cousins are determined to make contact with the mythical fairies.

Laila Riversong

Riversong Family


As the name suggests, the Riversong clan cherishes the flowing rivers, lakes, and ponds that populate the various regions Paragonia. They believe that while magic is what created their beautiful land, the water that rushes beneath it is the true heart of their home. The Riversongs are known to worship the water in a spiritual sense, and are grateful for the life- blood it provides on a daily basis. Minimalists and traditionalists, the Riversongs are devoted to a “throw-back” kind of life-style; a life that tends to rely on the “old ways” as opposed to relying on the technology of the age. They keep to the themselves for most of the year, however the Dance of the Riversong annual party and get-together is famous for bringing all of the fairy families together in Midsummer and celebrating the unity and friendship of their fellow fairies. It is the one day of the year the Riversongs let loose, and stories abound from past Dances where even the most traditional fairy has unhinged and partied a bit too joyously. Famous family lineage is linked to WishMaker, Theodore Roosevelt. His Keeper, Tally Riversong, is famous for immediately granting his Maker’s Death Wish when a lion was chasing the President during an African safari. Though the Riversongs do not wear the family crest as a  tattoo, the famous “Tally Lion Shield” (a shield with a lion’s head) is the traditional logo for the family as well as the Dance of the Riversong annual bash.


Laila Riversong – F.I.A. Breakdown


Older sister to Tana Riversong. Laila Riversong is exactly one year older than her sister, Tana, though they could not be more different. Tana has lovingly dubbed Laila “The Good Witch”, not because of any kind of physical likeness to a witch (far from it – Laila is known as one of the most beautiful Riversongs in history), but because of Laila’s undying devotion to playing by the rules. Her devotion to discipline and exactitude in life infuriates Tana. Rarely adventuring beyond the borders of their Riversong land, Laila is methodical in the retrieving of her WishMaker’s wishes. Much like a purple Ladder Wish and it’s inherent definition of “one rung at a time”, Laila refuses to allow eccentricities or vanity be a part of her life. While her WWPT time and placement frustrates her, she uses it as inspiration to be better prepared and organized so that one day she can politely show her success to her loud mouth sister and quietly rub it in her face.

Rosina Lliannon

Lliannon Family


Known as the “builders” of Paragonia, the Lliannon are famous for constructing the world the fairies live in (Paragonia). Their ancestors were the architects of of the new fairy world. Long ago, 100 wishes were harnessed and destroyed in order to create Paragonia – the WishKeeper’s secret realm. The Lliannon were contracted to construct the layout and make-up of the map in which they would all live. Once Paragonia was established, the Lliannon helped construct the individual fairy homes among the trees, within the hills and on top of the mountains for all of the various fairy families. Their pride and joy is their own Lliannon Manor which was built over the majestic waterfall now known as the Lliannon Falls. The Falls provide all of the drinking water for the fairy clans of Paragonia, and the Lliannon Manor is built so that it circles the waterfall and can be seen through every window of the massive home. Still constructing buildings and performing maintenance (especially on the weathered Wish Nursery Main Hall), the Lliannons are the busiest of fairy families. Their lineage is famously connected to WishKeeper, Maurniel Lliannon, who Kept the many Ladder Wishes and Purity Wishes of WishMaker and architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. The Lliannons are considered to be the Masons of Paragonia and are rumored to have constructed secret regions of the land that have yet to be discovered, and possibly house valuable treasures.


Rosina Lliannon – F.I.A. Breakdown


Rosina is obsessed with mysteries and the unknown; always searching for the truth uncovering forgotten secrets. Upon hearing that her family created secret regions of Paragonia when their world was created, she has made it her life’s mission to discover each and every one. She has come to be known as the “sorcerer” of the Lliannon family. Long ago, her family ancestors were heavily magick-based; in other words their building techniques were done completely through magical creation with little-to-no hands-on work. Delving into the family library of her beloved Lliannon Manor, Rosina can usually be found with her nose between the pages of some ancient tome, trying to learn new magic “tricks” as she calls them. She has been slightly disciplined for being so obsessed with discovering the secret regions since she occassionally forgets to head out on her daily Wish Wrangling missions. It’s a source of guilt for Rosina, seeing as though she loves her WishMaker and his countless Ladder Wishes. She is currently trying to find a balance between WishKeeping and her studies.

Luna & Freya Ferrishyn

Ferrishyn Family


The Ferrishyns share a kinship with the Underhill clan. Both families have celebrated an agricultural and traditional lifestyle, however the Ferrishyns tend to be a bit more adventurous by nature. Their Ferrishyn land is heavily river and water-based which has evolved the Ferrishyns into a family who enjoys the freedom of traveling up and down river, and discovering and communicating with other fairy families (as opposed to the Underhills who enjoy a solitary lifestyle). Naturally sociable, the Ferrishyns are known as the caretakers of the WishKeepers. Any time a fairy family is in need, you will likely find a Ferrishyn Keeper assisting and helping in whatever way necessary. The family is quite proud of the WishKeeping pursuits of one of their forefathers, Wylie Ferrishyn, who was the first Ferrishyn assigned to a non-agricultural WishMaker. Sir Isaac Newton fathered thousands of powerful wishes and though he was a bookworm at heart, his innate naturist and love of the world around him allowed his Three Laws of Motion to take shape. Wylie was a very busy fairy. The Ferrishyn’s have since cultivated a Wylie’s Guide to a Ferrishyn Life in which all Ferrishyn children study before the age of 13. Some examples of the Guide’s chapters include, “Becoming Grounded”, “Sewing The Seeds of Service”, and “ Favorably Ferrishyn” which lists the pleasures of a Ferrishyn lifestyle.



Luna Ferrishyn – F.I.A. Breakdown


Highly recruited, Luna truly came into her own and proved to the Fairy Intelligence Agency and WishKeeping corps that she was to be one of the greatest Keepers the force had ever seen. Her specific, deliberate and forthright approach to WishKeeping landed her in a very close second place in her year’s Wish Wrangling Performance Trial. Landing a Top 5 placement within the WWPT’s is enough to place a Keeper in the “legend” status and Luna nearly topped them all only to be edged out by the famous, Lorien Willowind. Lorien and Luna remained close friends up until the day of Lorien’s disappearance. While Luna regularly tends to her WishMaker’s many Purity and Ladder Wishes, as well as numerous siblings and children of her own, Luna vows to one day solve the mystery behind her best friend’s disappearance. A dedicated mother figure, Luna has been known to adopt wayward or orphaned fairies – knowing deep down it is her need to fill the void of her lost best friend.



Freya Ferrishyn – F.I.A. Breakdown


Freya is a conundrum. She’s the most beautiful of Ferrishyn fairies to come along in ages, though her oddly small wingspan has generated quite a bit of teasing from her peers. It is likely they are jeaous of how naturally beautiful she is, but she is quite self-conscious and has devoted her life to living by the “book”; the famous Wylie’s Guide to a Ferrishyn Life. Her acceptance into the WishKeeper force has helped her gain confidence, especially since her WWPT time and placement broke nearly all Ferrishyn family records. Freya is the epitome of an ego-less fairy; she rarely thinks of herself and devotes her time to Keeping the wishes of her WishMaker. A bookworm, Freya is always reading, and has recently come across a book titled The Real Keepers of Greenway by Kallan Neverlow. Because this is not approved reading material according to Wylie’s Guide, she sneaks an hour of reading every day and has since (secretly) fallen in love with the idea of venturing to mysterious realms discussed in Neverlow’s controversial book.

Radella Meerows

Meerows Family


The most extravagant of the fairy families, the Meerows are well known for their jewels, necklaces, bracelets and royal-like attire. They usually have very long red or pink hair and often adorn their hair with gems and jewlery. They also pride themselves on personal independence, and each Meerows family member decorates his or her body with unique tattoos and artwork. Some fairy families such as the Underhills and Clearwaters roll their eyes at the extravagant ways of the Meerows, but only because the cultural differences are so strong (the Underhills and Clearwaters are simple in wear and lifestyle). Famously assigned to pure-hearted WishMakers, the Meerows family has the largest collection of Keepers who have granted True Love Wishes; over one thousand True Love Wishes have been supported by the Meerows family throughout history. One of the founders of the Fairy Intelligence Agency is McCallister Meerows, and therefore WishKeeping and the organization of Keeper forces is strong within the Meerows family. As of late, the rebellious WishKeepers who intend to reunite fairy and Maker kind (as opposed to live separately) have targeted the Meerows family as a symbol of separatism. The Meerows, however, are pained by such a distinction and intend to resolve any personal matter among the rebels. The most famous Meerows WishKeeper is Melody Meerows who Kept the wishes of WishMaker, and entrepreneur, Walt Disney.


Radella Meerows – F.I.A. Breakdown


Radella’s greatest goal is to follow in her family‘s footsteps and grant a True Love Wish. Her own personal wish is for her WishMaker to one day be in a position to make such a wish, though she understands her need for patience. Other than her love for her Maker and the daily WishGathering sessions, Radella has recently been assigned by her family patriarch, Raleigh Meerows, to make amends with the rebels and prove to them that the Meerows’ extravagance is merely a family custom and tradition; in no way is it an attempt to create separation among fairy families. Radella is delighted with such an assignment, though her slightly naive and “rose-colored glasses” approach to life in general may result in a wake-up call. The rebels are not easily infiltrated, and being accepted among their ranks will be a difficult task. The F.I.A. knows of Raleigh’s assignment, though they will be carefully tracking Radella and expecting reports on a weekly basis. Radella, however, is not about to break the trust she intends to make between her and the rebel forces.

Simi Tylwyth Teg

Tylwyth Teg Family


Known as “The Fair Folk” merely to appease the Tylwyth Teg (if insulted in any way, the Tylwyth Teg would quickly retaliate), the family is known as the fiercest warriors of all the WishKeeper families. The only Keeper family to come close to rivaling the abilities of the Tylwyth Teg are the spiritual warriors of the Carrowmores. While the Carrowmores are open regarding their spiritual beliefs, the Tylwyth Teg are highly secretive. No other fairy kind has ever been allowed to learn or practice the Tylwyth Teg way. Famous as the “fairy mercenaries”, the Tylwyth Teg will serve any cause if the price is right, however as of late, some Tylwyth Tegs have been recruited by the Keeper rebels without fee – the rebels are intent on reuniting Keeper and Maker kind (as opposed to being separate as they are now). Easily identifiable, the Tylwyth Teg adorn large, square wings and oversized ears with tips that usually span above the crown of their heads. Mysteriously beautiful, most fairy kind are terrified of the Tylwyth Teg primarily because of their secretive ways, beliefs and war-like nature. Within the family circle, however, is a powerfully peaceful race of fairies, intent on granting their Makers’ wishes – no matter the challenge or consequence. Famously connected to WishKeeper, Raki Tylwyth Teg, the devoted Keeper Kept all wishes for WishMaker and American General, George S. Patton.


Simi Tylwyth Teg – F.I.A. Breakdown


Following in typical Tylwyth Teg fashion, Simi is highly secretive and a fairy of few words. He assumed he would carry the Tylwyth Teg tradition of mercenary work, but upon completing WishKeeper training, he arranged his focus on the selfless Keeping of wishes. His recruitment and training led him to eventually meet a rebellious, extremely talkative little Keeper named, Nixie Pinfellow. Nixie is famously the active leader behind the WishKeeper rebellion; the rebellion that is hoping to reunite the Keepers with the Makers and therefore no longer need to live in their secret world of Paragonia. An opposites attract kind of relationship, Simi never knew he could love someone as much as he loves Nixie, and he will defend and fight for her (and her cause) without hesitation or question. His affair with Nixie has angered Simi’s family, and therefore resulted in him being cast away from his heritage. His devotion to Nixie and his WishMaker keeps him moving forward, despite the humiliation of his family’s disowning. His dedication to WishKeeping, however, will never change.

Kersey Rhiannon

Rhiannon Family


“”Who do you think you are, a Rhiannon?” – a friendly little jab among the fairies. The Rhiannons are quite famous among WishKeepers and often times spur a little bit of jealousy. It seems the Rhiannons have it made: speed, agility, beauty, grace and most importantly, knowledge. Known as “scholarly atheletes”, and represented by the silhouette of the fabled unicorn on their family’s crest, the Rhiannons are the most beautiful fairy clan and yet truly pride themselves on their relentless pursuit of facts and figures. The Library of Rhiannon is a center of research and study for all fairy kind, and is a meeting place for studious WishKeepers. The Rhiannon family runs and manages the massive hall of books and any time a curious fairy needs assistance, all he or she needs to do is look for the golden-haired fairies floating books throughout the aisles. The only race of WishKeeper to don natural golden hair (a rarity since a Keeper’s hair color matches one of the colors of the six wish types; black, red, purple, blue, green or pink), many young male Keepers tend to bobble their words a bit any time a Rhiannon lass flies by, and even more so when they speak and prove their incredible intelligence. Often assigned to WishMakers who are professional athletes, the pride of their family lineage is the famous Clarice Rhiannon who tirelessly Kept the wishes of the physicist and chemist, Marie Curie; the first female WishMaker to win the Nobel Prize.


Kersey Rhiannon – F.I.A. Breakdown


It isn’t often you meet a bashful Rhiannon, but Kersey is famous for her shy and somewhat awkward demeanor. Though her siblings egg her on and try to force her to open up a bit, Kersey enjoys being an introvert. If she were to be completely honest, she would admit being self-conscious about how talented and beautiful she is. She appreciates the constant compliments and is always thankful, but she secretly vows that she will never just be known as another pretty Rhiannon. She has talent – so much so that she holds back during training and fencing class just so she doesn’t offend anyone. Her perky little nose is so often stuck between the pages of a book, she doesn’t socialize very much and therefore is one of the only Rhiannons without a massive circle of friends (she’s completely OK with it). Though she loves her family and is loyal to the bone, she treasures her independence and drops everything (including her books) to spend time with her WishMaker. Her WWPT time and ranking is something of which she is exceedingly proud.

Norderon of Greenway

The Greenway Keepers


Very little is known of the Keepers of Greenway.  Upon the creation of Paragonia, when the Keepers used the power of 100 wishes to create a new land, these mysterious WishKeepers agreed to aid in the world’s creation as long as they were able to live in a secret land of their own (which they named, Greenway).  When all WishKeepers left the WishMaker world, each fairy was recorded and tallied in order to track and preserve future Keeper generations within their new world, except for the Keepers of Greenway.  History erased the memory of the Greenways, though every now and again a mysterious stranger with bright green wings joins the Keeper force in secret. Little by little, rumors of the Legend of Greenway slipped into the consciousness of every WishKeeper. Said to be the purest of heart, possess the ability to harness the power of True Love, and live by their own WishKeeping laws, their legendary status among the common fairy has grown to the point of being known as the Gods of Paragonia.  Their secret land of Greenway is kept separate, as are the wishes they tend to. Greenways are famous for Keeping the wishes of what WishMakers know as saints and heroes, the likes of which range from Ghandi, Joan of Ark, Mother Theresa and St. Francis of Assisi. Only one Greenway has been known to Keep the wishes of an entire family: Norderon of Greenway.


Norderon of Greenway


Norderon was sent to the Fairy Intelligence Agency by his Greenway superiors. His mission was unprecedented: to Keep all the wishes of one particular family and its descendants. While Norderon was reluctant at first (he has always been a bit crass and short tempered) in that he felt it was a waste of his skills to tend to an unknown family, much less Keep wishes alongside WishKeepers who were staggeringly less qualified, he followed orders and soon realized how special of a gift his assignment was and how important each of his WishMakers truly are.  There was technically no need for him to go through the Paragonian WishKeeper process of recruitment, but he demanded the Keeper General to treat him as any other recruit. His accomplishments during the annual Wish Wrangling Performance Trials are said to never be matched. Norderon has Kept the wishes of his assigned family for decades with honor, however only Norderon and the Keepers of Greenway know of his true mission. One of his Maker family’s descendants is prophesied to be crowned WishingKing. If the descendent is not, all of Paragonia and Greenway will fall. The importance of the descendant’s crowning is critical, and thus his mission is to ensure such a descendant has a WishKeeper of her own. Norderon’s search for this WishKeeper has lead him to one name:  Shea Evenstar.