What is The WishKeeper?

A Brief Summary

A Young Adult fantasy novel, The WishKeeper tells the story of a fairy named Shea and how her broken wings and inability to fly have kept her from being the one thing she always wanted to be – a WishKeeper.

We, WishMakers, all have a WishKeeper assigned to us that protects & guides our wishes to fulfillment. Teenage, broken-winged Shea is determined to become one.

wishkeeperShea is a rebellious, punk-rock-dressed, tattooed, teenage fairy with two mangled wings that draw ugly stares more often than sympathy. She is not looking for sympathy though, and would rather break a WishKeeper’s pointed nose than accept an understanding pat on her handicapped back. Living with her disability for most of her angry life has kept Shea out of the Keeper force, and therefore a loner (which she is perfectly fine with…or so she says). Until the day her family WishMakers, Grayson and Miranda, made a second True Love Wish, she was barely a blip on a WishRadar.  The last time a True Love Wish was made, her mother destroyed it and in turn, Shea’s life.

All Shea wants is to prove herself – despite her disability, despite her anger, resentment and the all-too obvious chips on her shoulders – that she can be better than any WishKeeper. She sneaks off to the human world with the naïve intent to wrangle a type of wish even the most skilled Keeper barely can. She’s entitled, selfish, and has only one intention: wrangle a True Love Wish no matter the consequences.

Further annoying her, a WishKeeper recruit, Thane, is tasked by her military father to babysit her, or at least that’s how Shea sees it. Through their impossible adventure in a land Shea had only ever dreamed about, she battles the difficult discovery of painful family secrets, a wish-mongering king and his cursed, zombie-like fairies, and the acceptance of her parents’ imperfections as well as her own.

It’s not about making wishes, it’s about fulfilling them.