Letting Shea Fly – The WishKeeper Free Download

Hello Tumblerians!

It’s been far too long since I’ve shouted at you. I have been busy finalizing my Kickstarter campaign‘s pledge level rewards and shipping all of the various goodies to my backers. To those of you who supported the campaign, you’re amazing and I love you (on a completely platonic level, of course).

Here is the cool news: between December 2nd through the 5th, The WishKeeper will be available FOR FREE on Amazon Kindle! Tell your friends, your parents, your doggies and kitties, and remind your WishKeeper! My goal is to surpass the 7,000 downloads mark over the span of four days.

Now, the even cooler news: if you download the eBook and tell me here on Tumblr or on The WishKeeper Facebook page, I will ASSIGN A WISHKEEPER JUST FOR YOU. This fairy will be named and come with a set of fairy specs (height, wing span, usual attire, body art, etc). The only way this will work though is if you post to the Facebook page a screen capture of your download and mention it here on Tumblr! I won’t know if you downloaded the eBook if you don’t post about it!

I could be digging myself a huge Wishing hole here; in other words, if 7,000 people actually tell me about downloading the eBook and want a WishKeeper fairy of their own…I can spit my social life goodbye for a while…but it’s worth it!

ALSO even cooler cooler news: BOOK CLUBS! If you are a part of a book club, please message me on Facebook or get in touch with me here on Tumblr. I will email you a copy of either the Nook version of The WishKeeper or the Kindle version for FREE. This is only if you’re a part of a BOOK CLUB and if everyone in the club agrees to post their reviews and comments on Amazon.  Book Clubs are awesome, even if it’s just to get together and drink caffeinated beverages and consume an incredible amount of sweets (while talking about books, of course).

So there ya go! I’m digging in my heels and expecting a big December. You all can be a part of the next big thing, so let’s do this.

Yours truly and inevitably.

(I went a little overboard with the photo linking, but I enjoyed myself immensely.)

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