Meet the Author

Max TimmMaximilian Arthur Timm

Max is a risk averse, blindly ambitious, forcefully sure-footed writer who continuously laughs at his ability to avoid confrontation. It is, however, equally comical that he chose a profession within the world of arts and entertainment since his aforementioned ‘misbehaviors’ are constantly challenged.

A native of Wisconsin, he grew up in the nation’s circus capital, Delavan, where the local drinking fountains were the opened mouths of lions, a statue of a clown waving from between the legs of a giant elephant was at the center of town, and the clown hall of fame was directly across the street from his legitimately haunted house. Because of his father’s athletic roots, Max was raised to be a relative jock and somehow avoided the obvious fantasy world of his little hometown. Upon the age of twelve, however, his father secretly replaced Max’s copy of Mickey Mantle’s autobiography with an unknown writer’s book (unknown to Max, anyway) titled Tom Sawyer. Little did his father know, Max’s dreams of playing shortstop for the Chicago Cubs would slowly shift and evolve into an intention to create stories and maintain a career as a writer. From Twain to Tolkien to C.S. Lewis, Susan Cooper (The Dark is Rising) and Stephen King, Max is forever grateful for his father’s equal devotion to athletics and the arts, otherwise he would have never fallen in love with the power of such imagination.

After two years at Holy Cross College at Notre Dame, swimming through a Liberal Arts major and watching football, Max discovered the art of filmmaking and transferred to Columbia College Chicago. He majored in screenwriting and producing at Columbia, and eventually found himself dizzy within the entertainment capital, Los Angeles. After numerous assistant positions at film distribution and advertising companies, Max stumbled upon Writers Boot Camp (WBC) in Santa Monica, CA. Graduating from its Professional Membership in 2006, Max was asked to stay with WBC as a Membership Coordinator and Instructor. After six years, working his way up to Creative Director/Director of Development, Max worked with thousands of writers on their screenplays and novels, as well as personally consulted A-List celebrities.

His decision to leave Writers Boot Camp was based on his need to focus on his own talents and writing endeavors. Both a screenwriter and novelist, Max has created a lifelong relationship with writing. His focus is within the realms of Middle Grade and Young Adult fiction, as well as movies geared toward family entertainment. He still believes James Howe’s Bunnicula series is one of the finest Middle Grade series ever written, and that “The Celery Stalks at Midnight” may very well be the best book title ever created.

Currently living in a 100 year-old Craftsmen in the oldest neighborhood of Los Angeles, Max’s writing focus is currently on moving the traditional fairy beyond Middle Grade and into the realm of Young Adult fiction.

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