Shea’s Unwanted Attention – Book Tease

Late Chapter Tease

Just for the fun of it, here is a small bite from late in the book. It was one of my favorite chapters to write, but this is only a little of it so as not to give too much away. There is already one particular spoiler, but…well…read if you like.



Trying to brush the fog from her face, Shea crept toward the sound of her father’s voice.  Hazy images of her team finally came into focus; her mother on her knees hunched over and Foster cringing in the grass.  Beren was kneeling next to Elanor with his hand on her back.  The past few days had quickly shattered every preexisting belief she had about her parents.  They were no longer the strong, unbreakable pillars she once thought them to be.  For so long, and even after she lost her mother ten years prior, they were always two immovable forces, always right, always perfect, even if she disagreed at times.  They knew what was right and could do no wrong, but suddenly, as the wafts of smoky fog briefly cleared around them, she understood that they were not any different than her.  They were simply fairies struggling with their own inner fears, doubts and pain, and while some are lucky to experience a slow, evolving realization that parental figures are not as perfect as previously believed, Shea was forced to face up to it like a thrust of a hammer driving a nail.  Nothing in her life for the past decade had been easy, but somehow, as she stood there looking at her equals who were supposed to be superior in every way, the heaviness of adolescence slipped from her shoulders and a new, even more distinct weight set in.  Not only did her shoulders feel it, but so did her heart.  The blind reliance that childhood so easily conjures was gone.  They depended on her now and her life, like the onset of a sudden summer thunderstorm, shifted into adulthood.

As Shea came into the clearing, Beren looked up.  She could tell his eyes were fighting back more than just tears.  Shea noticed an odd, out of place look of pride from her father.  Goren stood, almost as if at attention and Foster forced himself to do the same.  Elanor raised her head and noticed them showing respect for her daughter.  The swelling pride helped Elanor gather enough strength to stand, though she used Beren’s hand for guidance.  They all looked at her with reverence and for a moment, she thought they were going to bow.  Please don’t bow, she thought.  Please stop looking at me like that.  It was unnerving to be shown respect, something of which she had wished for years and now suddenly she couldn’t help but feel it was undeserving.  It didn’t matter where she got the strength to pull her parents up and toss them through the Gate.  There was nothing special about her and, truly, it was her fault they were standing in the thick onslaught of their WishingKing’s deceit.  Goren and Foster helped just as much as I did.  Please stop looking at me, she continued to thoughtfully beg.

Finally Beren broke the awkward moment and placed a hand on her shoulder.  He could tell she felt suddenly exposed.  Simply nodding in approval, he patted her once on the shoulder and for the first time, Shea was thankful for her father’s inability to express himself.

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